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Take Back What The Years Took Away

Posted by Dr. Van Putten on 9/8/2014 to Plastic Surgery Tips

It seems like a womanís skin is capable of looking great, no matter how she treats it, ignoring the requirements of moisturizing it and protecting it from the sun for many years. However, around the time of menopause, all that can rapidly change, with the seemingly sudden appearance of enlarged pores, fine lines, wrinkles and general sagging. This is the time when the manner in which the skin has been cared for really comes to play, and a history of proper care routines will surface in much more resilient and glowing skin, even at this time of life.

Sometimes life gets so busy that itís all you can do to put on your nightgown or pajamas, much less brush your teeth and wash your face. While it does take a few minutes more of your day, itís important to take that time to care for your face, especially as in years to come, the way you treated (or ignored) your skin will become apparent. All the effects of the day, from morning makeup application to dirt and oils that have accumulated throughout the hours, must be removed, in order to allow the skin to breathe a while. All that gunk sitting on your face through the night while you sleep is sure to erode your skin and deprive it of some oxygen, resulting in prematurely aging skin that canít stand up to the elements as well as healthier skin.

One particular area that needs more attention is the skin around the eyes. It is thinner and very delicate, and will respond well to high quality moisturizers that have proven beneficial ingredients. Likewise, that skin around the eyes will be the first area of your face to reveal the habitual practice of an insufficient care routine.

When you look at the best skin care products, look for ingredients like tea tree oil, avocado oil, shea butter, coconut oil and Kojic Acid. Itís so important to take care of your skin, and itís never too late to do it. Youíll effectively be able to restore to your skin what time has damaged.

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