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Why We Use VISIA

Posted by Dr. Van Putten on 9/10/2014

When you look at your skin in a mirror under normal daylight conditions you think you're seeing all of it. In reality, your epidermal and subdermal tissue have many thin layers of cells stacked against one another, all of them a living breathing organ, the largest organ of the human body. The mirror, and even the strongest lighting, reveal only a small fraction of your skin's actual condition.

VISIA is a state-of-the-art diagnostic tool which allows us to accurately photograph your skin using multiple technologies, built-in positioning points, and standardized lighting. This affords you the assurance that the photos don't show a dramatically altered face using angles and lighting to achieve an effect, but are tightly regulated by computer for pinpoint accuracy. VISIA's multi-spectral imaging utilizes cross-polarized and UV photography to capture hyper-accurate photographs of your skin's surface, and to identify and diagnose potential future issues in the subdermal layer. Diagnostically, we look at eight major areas including: UV spots, skin pigmentation, texture and wrinkles, photo/sun damage, and pore size porphyrins (which can indicate a bacterial skin infection).

For over two decades dermatologists have sought and gained a deeper understanding of our bodies' relationship to sunlight. We now know, for instance, that humans need at least 20 minutes of sun exposure daily so that our bodies can produce Vitamin D. We also know how much damage over-exposure to harmful UV rays can cause. VISIA's technology allows us to see years of sun damage in a single photo, giving you peace of mind by locating any potentially troublesome spots early. We are also able to compare your images to those of others of similar age range and background to provide you with relevant information regarding the health of your skin relative to other people, their ages, and general health.

Once we've diagnosed the epidermal and subdermal issues, we use that information to construct an individualized treatment plan for your skin. As your treatment progresses with DeLaine, we can use VISIA to track your results and show you standardized photographic evidence of your skin's improvement. When it comes to skin care, VISIA is one of the weapons in our vast arsenal against premature aging.

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