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Accredited Plastic Surgery Practice in North Indiana

State-of-the-Art Plastic Surgery Facility in North Indiana

Experience the only privately owned office-based surgery center in Northwest Indiana to be accredited by the Accreditation Association for Ambulatory Health Care, Inc. Douglas J Van Putten, MD, FACS brings his creative, artistic philosophy to his state-of-the-art Plastic Surgery and Laser Center. We offer the latest advancements in surgery and every patient is given individual, customized consultations. Being completely educated about the truths in this complex industry, you as a patient are better prepared to receive the best in treatments or surgery.

Combination Therapy

Combination therapy involves custom skin care by DeLaine, multiple laser modalities, and chemical services. Paring these excellent services with Botox and varieties of fillers, patients experience affordable rejuvenation with less social downtime.

If a surgical procedure is what you are looking for, Dr. Van Putten is a highly skilled Ophthalmic Plastic, Reconstructive & Cosmetic Surgeon offering his special skills as a microsurgeon to numerous procedures including Face lifts, Brow lifts, Eyelids, Liposuction, Breast Augmentation, Tummy Tucks and stretch mark therapy to name a few. Become one of many patients to experience the years of expertise, unprecedented patient care, and distinguished excellence Dr. Van Putten and staff can offer you. 

Douglas J Van Putten, MD FACS

8865 W 400 N, Suite 120
Michigan City, IN 46360
Phone: (219) 872-7546 (skin)
January 5, 2015

New Valparaiso Location Opens.

1620 Country Club Road

For Appointments at our New location starting January 5th,

Please call 219-464-7546 (skin)

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Recent Posts

5 Do's to Stay Away from Cellulite
Posted by Dr. Van Putten on 9/26/2014
The Big C is highly dreaded by many women. It's a sad reality that cellulite actually occurs in 80% of women aged 20 and above. Hence, it's very likely for this tiger stripe skin condition to appear in many different areas of your body, whether or not you are overweight, and even if you're still quite young.

Why We Use VISIA
Posted by Dr. Van Putten on 9/10/2014
When you look at your skin in a mirror under normal daylight conditions you think you're seeing all of it. In reality, your epidermal and subdermal tissue have many thin layers of cells stacked against one another, all of them a living breathing organ, the largest organ of the human body. The mirror, and even the strongest lighting, reveal only a small fraction of your skin's actual condition.

Take Back What The Years Took Away
Posted by Dr. Van Putten on 9/8/2014
It seems like a woman’s skin is capable of looking great, no matter how she treats it, ignoring the requirements of moisturizing it and protecting it from the sun for many years. However, around the time of menopause, all that can rapidly change, with the seemingly sudden appearance of enlarged pores, fine lines, wrinkles and general sagging. This is the time when the manner in which the skin has been cared for really comes to play, and a history of proper care routines will surface in much more resilient and glowing skin, even at this time of life.

Skin Care For A Lifetime
Posted by Dr. Van Putten on 9/8/2014
Regrettably, women (and men) go through the largest portion of their lives simply taking their skin for granted. And for many years, it’s easy to do, as youthful skin seems to have certain suppleness and resilience that can’t be easily hurt by day to day living practices. And while today, we have a greater knowledge of the harmful effects of sun exposure and how it can damage the skin and produce skin cancers, we still aren’t doing enough.

Ptosis – Causes, Symptoms and Treatment
Posted by Dr. Van Putten on 9/8/2014
Ptosis, commonly known as drooping eyelids is a medical condition where a portion of the upper eyelid falls to a lower position than what would be considered normal. When the upper eyelid droops, it can at times interfere with your ability to see. The field of vision maybe partially or completely obstructed in certain cases and the individual may require surgery from a plastic surgeon to resolve the issue.

Benefits of Using Anti-Oxidant Creams For Skin Care
Posted by Dr. Van Putten on 9/8/2014
Anti-oxidant creams are known to have a magical effect on the human skin. It is known to delay the onset of ageing and is also often used to nourish damaged skin in the body. They achieve this by reducing the levels of free radicals in our system which is one of the chief reasons behind damaged skin. Here are some of the advantages that come with using anti-oxidant creams.